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  • Asian Government and Politics, Texas A&M University (2023 Fall & 2024 Spring) [Syllabus]

  • Women in Government in Comparative Perspective, Texas A&M University (2023 Spring, 2022 Fall, & 2024 Spring)  [Syllabus]

Teaching Assistant

  • Issues on World Politics, Dr. Hyeran Jo, Texas A&M University (2022 Spring)

  • Introduction to Political Science Research, Dr. Hyeran Jo, Texas A&M University (2021 Fall)

  • Introduction to Political Science Research, Dr. Dominique Lewis, Texas A&M University (2020 Spring)

  • Comparative Political Theory, Dr. Hyeok Yong Kwon, Korea University (2015 Fall)

  • Overview on Political Science, Dr. Yong Wook Lee, Korea University (2015 Spring, 2014 Fall)  

Students' Comments

"Women in Government in Comparative Perspective"​

  • This class was one of the most interesting classes I've ever taken! I feel like I learned a lot of useful concepts and skills for analyzing how different cultural and social factors can affect the political institutions of different national governments around the world. 

  • Professor Park is super organized and she always makes sure we as students are always on the same page as her when it comes to the organization of the class!

  • She is great! Clear to see that she cares about the learning experience of her students.

  • I enjoyed that we were expected and encouraged to come to our own conclusions and discuss our findings with our classmates.

"Introduction to Political Science Research"

  • Yeon Soo was very helpful and she really knows how to work with students.

  • Coming into this class I was so worried because of my inexperience with coding and not being familiar with any sort of programming, but I have learned so much from Yeon Soo about political science research and RStudio, as well as to be more confident in my abilities.

  • I really enjoyed and loved how patient our TA was. She took things step-by-step and was always available in office hours or through emails if I had a question. I really appreciated her slides that thoroughly explained everything.

  • My TA was really good about checking to make sure we were all following/successful with R in labs and I really appreciated that.

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